Bigmouth Sleepers

Thanks to Brian Langerhans for the summary of this new paper.  Paper is pretty technical, but cool stuff.

Here’s a newly published study out of the Langerhans Lab on fish evolution in the inland blue holes of Andros. In this study, they shifted their focus from the Bahamas mosquitofish (their usual focal organism) to the bigmouth sleeper […]

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Climate Change and Biodiversity – What can we learn from birds on islands?

Thanks to Janet Franklin for this guest post on their recent paper!  Really interesting to think back through these historical changes.

During the last Ice Age, the islands of the Bahamas were cooler, drier, and much larger than today because sea level was over 100 m lower.  The Bahamas also were much closer to the Greater Antillean islands of Cuba […]

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The Bahamas an Ethical Travel Destination?

Ethical Traveler thinks so – it ranks The Bahamas as 1 of the top 10
“ethical” countries to visit in the developing world (read more here
and here – I found the first link especially interesting, and the second
a BBC summary).  Their basic criteria…

“We then select the ten that are doing the most impressive job of promoting
human rights, preserving their environments, and […]

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