Mosquitofish Risky Business

A day of guest posts – this from Justa Heinen-Kay. Thanks Justa!

Imagine yourself walking down a street in a town known for its low crime rate. How would you behave? Would you explore new areas? Would you walk by yourself? Now imagine yourself walking down a similar street, but in a neighborhood known to have a high murder rate. Would […]

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More secrets revealed from the Abaco blue holes

Thanks to Nancy Albury for this post! It continues to be remarkable what they are discovering in these systems.

Ancient DNA Extracted from Extinct Bahamian Tortoise

In recent decades, Bahamian blue holes and the fossils discovered within, have prompted scientists and the public to reconsider their understanding of the Bahamian natural environment. Research into the past environment of the Bahamas continues with […]

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National Geographic: Mapping Abaco Blue Holes

One of the most unique natural features that can be found on Great Abaco Island, The Bahamas are blue holes. Located along Abaco’s shorelines or inland within the thick of Abaco’s pine forests, these underwater caverns are incredibly extensive and a gem to share. Right now, National Geographic is teaming up with local divers, scientists, and schools to begin mapping […]

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One shrimp, two shrimp, red shrimp, cave shrimp

We collected these shrimp in a small blue hole near Little Harbour last month. It is pretty surreal to snorkel in it – literally thousands and thousands of these shrimp scattered across the bottom. We sent some specimens to Robert Ditter at FIU and he has sent along some information about them (recent presentation here, papers here and

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Flooded sinkhole reveals ice age island ecology

Thanks to Janet Franklin for this guest post! A really amazing research program.

A paper published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, USA reports the richest set of late Pleistocene (ice age) vertebrates found on any Caribbean island to date (Abaco Scientist will post the pdf when it is available, but for now some popular media accounts here and […]

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More on the Red Cave Shrimp

We got the following information from Bill Marx on Lubbers.  Thanks a lot Bill!!

Read your recent post on the Little Harbor shrimp with interest, I was going to post comment online but didn’t know if I could include links or pictures.

We have a house and property on Lubbers Quarters and have these shrimp living in anchialine pools pretty much in […]

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Monthly Shrimp Sex?

Another report from Little Harbour on the mysterious shrimp.  The exact timing suggests it may well be related to a reproductive event timed to the tidal flow in/out of the pool.  Will be interesting to continue to observe their behavior.  Her observations….

Well, I went back to the Dripping Stones today, exactly 4 weeks after I saw the […]

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A shrimpy question from Little Harbour….

Inquiry from a Little Harbour resident….

Still don’t know what the macrobrachium shrimp are – and would really like to! – but now I have another mystery.

There are small red shrimp living in holes in the mangrove swamp behind Bookies Beach near Little Harbour. I think they are cinetorhynehus manningi. Usually I see one or two hanging out on the […]

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