Oyster Catcher Nesting

Intrepid naturalist Ali sent this paper along. We have seen one nesting site on the Riding Cays in the Bight of Old Robinson, which is consistent with the paper suggesting they nest on rocky shores in the northern Bahamas.  An easy paper to read through. Thanks Ali.

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Wetland Fragmentation and Bird Communities

Dinorah Chacin’s paper on Abaco bird wetland communities is out.  Counter to our a priori expectations, she found no differences in the communities of birds found on the blocked (by roads) and unblocked sides.  This suggests that even wetlands that have been fundamentally affected by fragmentation following road construction can still serve as valuable bird habitat.  It is an […]

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What’s a Willet?

The birds are nesting like crazy in Abaco right now. Over the last few weeks I’ve stumbled across dozens of nesting birds on beaches and tidal creeks all over the island. Typical finds are Wilson’s Plovers and Antillean nighthawks. Both nest on the ground, usually in open places. In fact, many nighthawk nests aren’t really nests at all, rather, they simply lay […]

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Thanksgiving Dinner?

Looks like someone has released a turkey(s?) on South Abaco.  This one was spotted a couple of days ago near Road 50.  First come, first serve.

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Species Status for the Inagua Bahama Woodstar

A recent paper provides multiple lines of evidence that the Bahama Woodstar on Great and Little Inagua should be recognized as a separate species.

Here is the Abstract of the paper….

The Bahama Woodstar (Calliphlox evelynae), a hummingbird endemic to the Bahama Archipelago, comprises two currently recognized subspecies: Calliphlox e. evelynae, found throughout the Bahamas and in the Turks and Caicos Islands, except […]

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Most Important Sites for Birds in The Bahamas

A new report from BirdLife on over 12,000 of the most important sites for birds in the world (summary here and pdf of report here).  Forty-two are in The Bahamas (BNT press release here).  Good to see The Bahamas featured (profile here), although many of the sites are pretty vague (see list here).

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