Came across this post on the 30th Anniversary of BirdsCaribbean. There are various links that may interest you here. They post periodically on Bahamas birds, including this recent post on the feared extinct Bahama Nuthatch.

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Swifts can fly for 10 months without stopping

Many of us have heard about the ability of birds to travel long distances. But a recent study published in Current Biology shows that in addition to the remarkable distance swifts fly (often between Europe and Subsaharan Africa), they often don’t even stop along their journey.  A key finding of the study was that the 19 monitored birds spent more than 99% […]

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2016 Abaco Parrot Survey

Here is a link to the 2016 report and a quick summary from Frank Rivera-Milan from the US Fish and Wildlife Service…

Attached you will find a brief report showing the most salient results from the parrot survey. The parrot population continues to increase with numbers reaching 7,803 individuals (95% confidence interval = 6,511-9,351) in a survey region covering 36,325 […]

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Goats and Birds

This paper describes an interesting interaction – how goats may affect habitat quality for other animals. In this case for the endangered Kirtland’s warbler on Eleuthera. See the author’s summary below – it is an easy paper to follow. (I wonder if my goats in Texas improved habitat for any birds?)

Author’s summary – As part of an experimental study of using controlled […]

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The limpkin

There are many secretive critters here on Abaco. One of them is the limpkin. I often hear them in the bush and sometimes glimpse them skulking away into dense coppice. Their secretive nature keeps them from close inspection. Unfortunately, this recent road kill on the Cherokee rd. will probably be the only time I get to see one […]

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A Recorded History of Plover Jonesy

Verbatim from our local reporter. Amazing how far that small of a bird can travel.

  1. Banded as an adult male on 6/4/15 on the coast of Rhode Island by Peter Paton (Professor, Dept. of Natural Resources Science, Univ. of Rhode Island).
  2. Last detected up north on July 16 in southern Rhode Island.  Unsuccessfully attempted to nest at Sandy Point, RI.
  3. Spotted by intrepid […]
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Piping Plovers at Winding Bay

Local report on plovers on the Winding Bay beach……

I walked Winding Bay beach on Thursday and saw 18 piping plovers.  One of them was banded, which was pretty exciting – Todd Pover thinks probably in Massachusetts.  This photo is not a great photo, but there  are AT LEAST 8 piping plovers in it – shows how hard they are […]

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