One Trillion Expected in Damage to Coasts by 2100

A recent article in Climactic Change reported an economic analysis that suggests that climate change will cost the US twice as much as previous analyses estimated – increasing the estimate from $500 million to $1 trillion. Just to reiterate, that is 1,000,000,000,000 – lots of zeros. While there are always myriad considerations when attempting to predict such outcomes, this […]

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Bahamas Creation Linked to African Dust

Yet another study on the role of African dust in shaping the historic and current environment of the Caribbean (popular press summary here and the scientific article here). Authors’ summary after the jump.

The enigma of the Bahamas is that this highly productive carbonate system has existed for at least 100 m.y., building a vast edifice of carbonates, […]

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The Lost Years of Baby Sea Turtles

Once baby turtles hatch and make their way down beaches to the ocean,
we know so little about the next years of their life.  This article discusses
how technology is beginning to change that.

We also will deploying some new technology to study turtles on Abaco
this summer – Beth Whitman (from Mike Heithaus’ lab at FIU) will be
using drones to estimate the size […]

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Feature Paper: Coastline Plant-Pollinator Interactions

Coastal Plants












Interesting paper documenting the pollinator animals in a San Sal
coast plant community.  Summary after the jump.

This article is in the new journal Caribbean Naturalist.  I think this
journal fills an important niche in the region, publishing descriptional
or preliminary data papers that may not be appropriate for […]

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