We are not the only ones that enjoy Spiny Lobster

I am not sure that the nurse sharks along eastern shores in Abaco are aware that lobster season is closed right now. For part of the coral restoration project we record the fish communities along our artificial reefs to catch a glimpse of the fish that might not be present when we are doing snorkel surveys. Well, today was a […]

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The Reefs in Haiti Survive

After almost a year trying to get our local collaborators to report on our reefs on Ile a Vache in Haiti, we finally got pictures this week.  As expected, with the extremely fishing pressure, just a few small fish are on this reef.  But surprisingly, with all of the human activity in the area (and thus presumably higher nutrient loading), […]

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Nassau grouper stomach of the day

A measly little crab in a 14.5″ grouper.  This was a grouper we caught on a natural patch reef, and this crab prey item is consistent with our anecdotal observations of grouper diets.  That is, grouper <18″ in natural hard bottom or reef habitat largely feed on crabs and other invertebrates, whereas on our artificial reefs they almost exclusively feed on […]

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Where’s the Reef?

Those of you who are fans of 80’s fast food commercials must be laughing hilariously right now…..but I digress.  We checked this reef just off Eastern Shores yesterday and it is completely covered in algae, less than a year since construction.  This will be a strength of our multi-site design, being able to identify specific factors that control plant/algae growth […]

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Let’s Think Positive! Potential Consumer-Mediated Feedback from Coral Restoration

Today was the ZGSA Symposium at NC State North Carolina and we had some fabulous talks and posters from the Zoology and Entomology graduate students. Here is a poster of a project I will be doing along the eastern shore of Abaco starting this May. Here I will use artificial reef to ask if branched coral structure promotes […]

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