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I am an evolutionary ecologist in the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at the University of Connecticut. My research investigates how basic ecological interactions control fundamental biological processes such as sexual selection, communication, and predation.

Thoughts on recent animal introductions to Abaco

A recent issue of the journal, International Reptile Conservation Federation (IRCF), contains two short articles featuring recent observations of two new species introductions to Abaco. Below, I relay these findings and offer a few thoughts on what these recent observations suggest for the future of Abaco’s fauna. […]

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Introduced corn snakes expanding to Little Harbour?

Corn snakes (Pantherophis guttata) are non-venomous snakes native to the Southeastern United States. A few years ago I documented an introduced population of corn snakes established right outside of Cherokee on Abaco (LINK). There have been a few sightings of corn snakes from that area since. Usually, reports are of dead snakes on the Cherokee road (where everyone goes crabbing). Until […]

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Another introduced species for Abaco: Eastern narrow-mouthed toad

Last year I reported on hearing a chorus of narrow-mouthed toads (Gastrophryne carolinensis) here on Abaco (link to original post). However without a specimen I couldn’t confirm its presence here. Almost exactly a year later a high school student, Donte Richard, remembered that post and called my attention to an adult in his backyard.

This new observation is about 850 […]

New species of boa found in The Bahamas

Finding new species these days is usually the business of researchers who work with small things like insects and crustaceans. However, every once in a while researchers uncover big animals. These rarities have hidden away in thick forests, on the top of remote mountains, or deep in the sea –  places far from human eyes. For that reason, it’s remarkable when […]

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The limpkin

There are many secretive critters here on Abaco. One of them is the limpkin. I often hear them in the bush and sometimes glimpse them skulking away into dense coppice. Their secretive nature keeps them from close inspection. Unfortunately, this recent road kill on the Cherokee rd. will probably be the only time I get to see one […]

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Over the last few weeks I’ve been noticing extensive damage to shrubs and small trees. The bark has been removed over long sections of living and (now) dead plants. I wondered what could be doing this.

I had a few ideas. The first possible culprit was pigs. I’ve been seeing a lot of pig sign out in the woods, and marshes. […]

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Corn snakes on Great Guana Cay, Abaco?

I was forwarded this photo posted to Facebook that shows a corn snake, Pantherophis guttata, purportedly captured on Great Guana Cay, on or near Baker’s Bay Resort. Corn snakes are native to the Southern US, not The Bahamas.

I haven’t validated the observation so cannot verify its authenticity. However, these snakes appear to travel well in landscaping plants and building […]

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Brown anoles invade Bermuda

The most common lizard in The Bahamas, the brown anole (Anolis sagrei), has recently invaded and established itself on Bermuda.

With collaborator James Stroud of Florida International University and with support from the Bermuda Dept. of Conservation and Bermuda Zoological Society, I am examining how this aggressive invader might interact with Bermuda’s only native lizard, the critically endangered Bermuda […]

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ASAC Abstract Submission Deadline approaching!

If you are going to submit an abstract to present at the the Abaco Science Alliance Conference this January 6 – 9th be aware that the deadline is rapidly approaching! Submissions are due October 28th – next wednesday!

Submission information can be found Here.

More information on ASAC can be found Here.

Instructions for Submitting Abstracts – A […]

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