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Findings from Checkered Puffer Fish Stomachs

The Checkered Puffer Fish experiment Ryann and I have been working on is going fairly well so far.  We have collected 15 puffer fish stomachs from Sandy Point, leaving us with one more site, Camp Abaco, to collect from.  About half of the stomachs from Sandy Point have been dissected and we’ve had some interesting finds.

Among algae, and small snails, there […]

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A Neat Find in The Marls!

While doing routine sampling in The Marls, we came across a pupfish that we had not previously seen.  The fish swam through a puddle of standing seawater.  As it swam, it would jump out of the water and dig into the sediment before resurfacing.  Thankfully the pupfish was still enough that we were able to catch it and take some pictures.  […]

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The Checkered Puffer Fish Jumps!

I have now been on Abaco for a couple weeks and in my time spent in the mangroves; I have become interested in the Checkered Puffer fish (Sphoeroides testudineus). So far, I have seen the Checkered Puffer in the Marls and in Sponge Creek on Abaco, but their natural range spans from tropical to temperate waters with sightings as far […]

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