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Climate, reefs and resilience: Locally-based strategies to address a global issue

Climate change and ocean acidification–which can result in coral bleaching events, slower growth and reproduction rates, and degraded reef structure–are the most pressing global threats to coral reefs.

Why do healthy, resilient coral reefs matter to you? Healthy coral reefs support an astounding diversity of marine life. They also provide countless benefits to people through ecosystem goods and services like coastal […]

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Finding Fish Hotspots and Mapping Coral Reefs in the Caribbean

NOAA discusses the various tools it uses to map coral reefs and to find fish hotspots (i.e., spawning aggregations) throughout the Caribbean. These tools include multibeam sonar, scientific echosounder, underwater gliders, a remotely operated vehicle, and other high-tech tools to locate previously-unknown seafloor habitats.

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NOAAs Coral Reef Conservation Program: Highlight on Coral Bleaching

Coral bleaching has been on the rise throughout the Caribbean for the last few decades. In 2005 alone, the U.S. lost half of its Caribbean coral reefs due to a single bleaching event. Coral bleaching results from the loss of symbiotic algae living in coral tissue. When corals become stressed, due to changes in temperature, light, and/or nutrients, they release […]

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NOAA announces two new Habitat Focus Areas in the Caribbean

Culebra Island, Puerto Rico CREDIT: NOAA Culebra Island, Puerto Rico

NOAA has selected two sites in the southeast and Caribbean as Habitat Focus Areas — places where the agency can maximize its habitat conservation investments and management efforts to benefit marine resources and coastal communities. […]

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NOAA & The Gulf and Caribbean Fisheries Institute Launch the Invasive Lionfish Web Portal

The Invasive Lionfish Web Portal is your one-stop-shop for all information pertaining to the lionfish invasion. The Web Portal is broken down into a Home Page and four topic-focused interior pages including Education & Outreach, Research & Monitoring, Control, and Management. Several key features include the lionfish literature and management plan databases, classroom materials, […]

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Two New Lionfish Papers Published in the December Issue of Biological Invasions

Bernal et al. titled Predicting spatial and temporal distribution of Indo-Pacific lionfish (Pterois volitans) in Biscayne Bay through habitat suitability modeling

Tamburello, N. and I.M. Cote titled “Movement ecology of Indo-Pacific lionfish on Caribbean coral reefs and its implication for invasion dynamics

Photo credit: Alex Fogg, University of Southern Mississippi


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