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Abaco, like all of the Bahamian Islands, hosts a wealth of natural wonders. From parrots to whales to blue holes to mangrove wetlands, it is no wonder that scientific research is thriving. Although this site has its roots in Abaco-based research, it is intended to highlight research across The Bahamas archipelago – a one-stop source for all things science in the country.

The site is administered by Dr. Craig Layman, a faculty member at North Carolina State University, along with NCSU students,  Friends of the Environment and other local partners. Numerous people post to the site, including individuals involved with science in many different ways on Abaco and throughout The Bahamas.  Everyone is encouraged to comment on posts – just use the red  ”comment” link in the header of each post.  If you have suggestions, or would like to become a contributor, please send an email to cal1634@yahoo.com.

You will find separate pages listing current research programs in The Bahamas, as well as paper archive tool.  If you would like to be listed, or your papers included in the archive, don’t hesitate to contact us.

From basic natural history to cutting edge findings, we hope this site inspires you to learn more about the scientific underpinnings of the natural world. Science will play a central role in addressing the fundamental environmental challenges The Bahamas faces, and everyone’s input is important. We hope this site helps you become more involved. So dive right in!!!