We recently posted about partnering with Khaled bin Sultan Living Oceans Foundation (KSLOF) to bring our mangrove disease research into the classroom in The Bahamas. Just this past week, students in grade 11 Biology at William Knibb High School in Jamaica were also able to experience our mangrove disease research in their classrooms as part of the J.A.M.I.N curriculum. The students, folks at Discovery Bay Marine Lab and KSLOF Director of Education surveyed mangroves in Jamaica and found disease symptoms similar to what we find in The Bahamas. The students were able to collect diseased leaves, bring them back to the classroom and isolate the potential pathogen. Then, the cultures were shipped to NC State where we are now working to identify the cultures using morphology and DNA sequencing. Stay tuned for what we find!

A huge thanks to the citizen scientists at William Knibb High School, KSLOF and Discovery Bay Marine Lab for making this possible!

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