In the News: ‘Marine Biologist Suggests Conservation Of Bahamas’ Seagrass Habitats’

Short article in the Tribune242 on the importance of seagrass ecosystem conservation. As we have shown why seagrass meadows are critical to protect for nursery habitats(see here), this short article discusses the dependency lobsters have on theses ecosystems. “Dr Nicholas Higgs, Deputy Director of the Marine Institute at Plymouth University, England, said that the ‘high productivity’ of local lobster production is largely due to their consumption of lucinid clams, which are found in the seagrass beds in Bahamian waters.” Click here to read the rest of the article.

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Enie Hensel
Broadly my interests lie in exploring the intertwining interactions between top-down and bottom-up mechanisms that have been anthropogenically impacted in coastal ecosystems. Currently, I am investigating how structure complexity and the presence of top predators affect patch reef fish communities in Abaco, The Bahamas.

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    Nick Higgs December 14, 2016 at 3:12 am

    Unfortunately they neglected to also mention that I am a Bahamian. I’ll be in Abaco in January. Would be great to meet with scientists working locally.

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