Expansion of Bonefish Tagging Program

Recently, the Bonefish and Tarpon Trust (BTT) expanded their bonefish tagging and genetic sampling program to North Andros (more info here and here). Thus far, 11,895 bonefish have been tagged through this program. Using recapture and genetic data, BTT and their collaborators (e.g., BNT, local guides and lodges) hope to inform bonefish conservation strategies for The Bahamas. If you land a bonefish that has been tagged be sure to report it here!

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Ryann Rossi
My general research interests lie in the ecology of marine coastal ecosystems. I am most interested in the role plant diseases have in shaping the ecology of coastal and estuarine environments. I am currently studying the role of a plant pathogen in a die-off of Red Mangroves in The Bahamas. Follow Ryann Rossi


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    Greg February 13, 2017 at 5:51 am

    If I catch a tagged bonefish I’ll most certainly report it. Of course, it would have swum quite some distance to reach me here in Australia……

    Seriously though, almost 12000 tagged fish, that’s a massive achievement and we can only hope the data return helps with bonefish conservation into the future. Nice Job!

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    Robert Fischer June 23, 2017 at 1:56 pm

    I caught a tagged bonefish at Andros last spring with tag # BAC 0654. Are you the ones to report it to?

  3. Ryann Rossi
    Ryann Rossi August 7, 2017 at 5:11 pm

    Thanks for posting. Actually, you can report this to the Bonefish and Tarpon Trust here: https://www.bonefishtarpontrust.org/report-tagging-data

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