Sharks4Kids: Bringing shark education into the classroom

Sharks4Kids will be in Abaco next week to visit several public schools!  As part of the ‘Drone Diaries of the Bahamas’ project, which is geared towards shark research and conservation (see some past posts here, here, and here), one of our main objectives is to increase shark awareness to the public and more importantly, to the kids! Therefore, with the help of Friends of the Environment and Save Our Seas Foundation, we will be hosting Shark4Kids for their first visit to the Abacos. Currently, we will be visiting 4 public schools, totaling to ~200 students from ages 8-16.

Sharks4Kids is a non-profit organization with the goal of immersing shark conservation into education systems and getting children outside and on the water. Founded by Jillian Morris-Brake (a marine biologist, photographer, and educator being just a few of the hats she wears) has made a one-stop shop for shark outreach materials. Offering valuable shark educational materials including teacher resources for grades K-6th grade as well as fun games, crafts, and other activities to engage students. In addition, the Sharks4Kids team is also available for classroom visits either in person or via skype.

Check back with us next week for details on their visit.




About the Author:

Enie Hensel
Broadly my interests lie in exploring the intertwining interactions between top-down and bottom-up mechanisms that have been anthropogenically impacted in coastal ecosystems. Currently, I am investigating how structure complexity and the presence of top predators affect patch reef fish communities in Abaco, The Bahamas.

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