‘Sharks and Us’

Recently posted on Save Our Seas Foundation blog, is an update on one of our ongoing projects, “Do human activities drive the distribution of coastal shark abundances?”

In the SOSF article ‘Shark and Us’, there is a brief video that captures some of the main thoughts and opinions I have heard over this past summer regarding sharks in Bahamian waters and the recent conservation efforts put forward to help protect their populations. Please click on the link ‘Shark and Us’ for the whole article.

Photos: The first photo was taken in Sandy Point in the late afternoon where a family was line fishing and awaiting for the spear fishermen to come in from a day’s work. The second photo is a snapshot of one of our drone surveys in Cross Harbour.


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Enie Hensel
Broadly my interests lie in exploring the intertwining interactions between top-down and bottom-up mechanisms that have been anthropogenically impacted in coastal ecosystems. Currently, I am investigating how structure complexity and the presence of top predators affect patch reef fish communities in Abaco, The Bahamas.

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