Mangroves at NC State!

While a great deal of our research on the mangrove die-off is done on Abaco in the mangroves, we also need to grow mangroves at NC State to use for laboratory testing. Leaves from the seedlings will be used to test whether the fungal samples we collected and grew in culture from Abaco will cause the same lesions we see on the mangroves in the field. We also hope to use our mangroves at NC State to test different fungicides (see here for a nice overview of fungicides) and their ability to combat the fungal culprit(s) responsible for the lesions we find on mangrove leaves. We will keep you updated on our progress in the lab!

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Ryann Rossi
My general research interests lie in the ecology of marine coastal ecosystems. I am most interested in the role plant diseases have in shaping the ecology of coastal and estuarine environments. I am currently studying the role of a plant pathogen in a die-off of Red Mangroves in The Bahamas. Follow Ryann Rossi