Harvard scientist Graham Reynolds with a call for more focused study on beach pollution.  The same idea behind the Bahamas Plastic Movement post we made last week.  Anybody that has their own observations and ideas to share, if even simple, don’t hesitate to send them along to us.

Thanks Graham for this thought…

I recently visited the Ragged Islands as part of my work studying the reptiles of the Bahamas. I am continuing to notice many pristine and undeveloped beaches which look like this one.

Currents bring huge quantities of trash, mostly plastic and styrofoam, to Bahamian beaches. Indeed, the problem of plastic pollution in the world’s oceans is continuing to be recognized as a major concern. Perhaps we should start photographing these beaches and posting the photos, as a way to draw attention to this problem? Most visitors to the islands are likely not seeing what the “natural” state of many beaches currently looks like- beautiful sand covered with a layer of plastic flotsam.

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