Abaco Mangrove Survey Update

So far we have had 65 submissions! Samples have been collected from mangroves in North, Central, and South Abaco but we still need more samples to fill in the gaps.

The graph below shows the distribution of diseased Red Mangroves across Abaco. As you can see, the disease with the characteristic lesions we’ve had you keep an eye out for are fairly prevalent across the Island.

Error bars represent standard deviation.

Error bars represent standard deviation.

While 65 submissions is a great start, we need more samples to have a better understanding of this disease and how it may be involved in the mangrove die-off in The Marls. If you’re out boating this Independence Day weekend, take some time to stop by a patch of mangroves and survey them! Remember, the person or group with the most entries will be rewarded with a $100.00 gift certificate for native plants!

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Ryann Rossi
My general research interests lie in the ecology of marine coastal ecosystems. I am most interested in the role plant diseases have in shaping the ecology of coastal and estuarine environments. I am currently studying the role of a plant pathogen in a die-off of Red Mangroves in The Bahamas. Follow Ryann Rossi