2015 BREEF Teacher Training Workshop on San Salvador

We spent last week on San Salvador working with a group of 30 teachers from across The Bahamas at the Annual Bahamas Reef Environment Educational Foundation (BREEF) Teacher Training Workshop! It was an extremely rewarding and fun experience for all involved. Thanks to BREEF for having us be a part of the workshop and to NSF  funding that helped get us there!

We contributed presentations on seagrass, sponges and mangroves to the workshop in addition to implementing the mangrove survey as a field activity for teachers to utilize with their students. As a result, teachers now have new knowledge about the importance of seagrass beds and how to identify the different types of seagrass we have in The Bahamas.

Stephanie Kraft Archer talking about seagrass.

Stephanie Kraft Archer talking about seagrass.

They were also introduced to how important sponges are in coastal ecosystems throughout The Bahamas and expanded their knowledge on the history of the sponge fishery!

Stephanie Kraft Archer talking about sponges.

Stephanie Kraft Archer talking about sponges.

Teachers also learned the different causes of wetland die-offs and about the die-off of mangroves in The Marls on Abaco.


Ryann Rossi talking about mangrove surveys.

We also ventured into the field to do the mangrove survey at several sites on San Salvador to collect data and have teachers practice how to identify diseased leaves in order to lead their students while doing surveys on their home Islands!

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