Results of the 2015 Central Abaco Lionfish Derby

The Annual Central Abaco Lionfish Derby  was a success. A total of 1,062 lionfish were culled and the winning boat brought in 387 lionfish. The largest lionfish was 35.9cm in length and the smallest lionfish was 3.4cm in length! Also of note was the presence of many small lionfish in the guts of larger lionfish, an observation not made in previous derbies. Stay tuned for another post that will review data from previous derbies to see if we are seeing less and smaller lionfish!


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Ryann Rossi
My general research interests lie in the ecology of marine coastal ecosystems. I am most interested in the role plant diseases have in shaping the ecology of coastal and estuarine environments. I am currently studying the role of a plant pathogen in a die-off of Red Mangroves in The Bahamas. Follow Ryann Rossi

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  1. rick neumann June 5, 2015 at 5:56 pm

    GREAT EVENT! My friend TROY ALBURY of DIVE GUANA was one of the earliest dive operators who knew lionfish were big trouble. I renain a huge lover of ABACO and Dive Guana.

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