The Nature Conservancy’s Coral Outplanting in Nassau

Last week I had the pleasure to work with several experienced coral restoration  employees from The Nature Conservancy, Mote Marine Lab, and BREEF. With the incredible help from Stuart Cove and employees, we outplanted over 1200 coral propagules from the Nassau coral nursery in three days! Here is a short video of our outplanting thank you to Shelby Hammett. I am very excited for the opportunity to learn more (and post more) about these amazing reef-building corals, Acropora cervicornis. More information on the coral outplanting to come!

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Enie Hensel
Broadly my interests lie in exploring the intertwining interactions between top-down and bottom-up mechanisms that have been anthropogenically impacted in coastal ecosystems. Currently, I am investigating how structure complexity and the presence of top predators affect patch reef fish communities in Abaco, The Bahamas.

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