Monthly Shrimp Sex?

Another report from Little Harbour on the mysterious shrimp.  The exact timing suggests it may well be related to a reproductive event timed to the tidal flow in/out of the pool.  Will be interesting to continue to observe their behavior.  Her observations….

Well, I went back to the Dripping Stones today, exactly 4 weeks after I saw the 50 or so shrimp there – same tide, same moon, same time of day.  And they were at it again! Not quite as numerous, but still way more than I see up there at any other time (for instance, 4 days ago at the same time of day I saw no shrimp at all).  So here are a couple of pix – they are hanging out on the sides of the rock hole, just in one small area, just below the water surface.  Weird.”


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    ali ball April 11, 2015 at 9:14 am

    My next plan is to check on the shrimp exactly 2 weeks from the last time I saw a whole bunch. That way the tide and time of day will be the same, but the moon will be new instead of full. That may give an indication as to whether this behaviour is influenced by the moon, or just the tide. Or whether there’s a Grateful Dead concert that night. Meanwhile, I go there on random days in between – today, for instance, there were 3 shrimp total. So stay tuned…

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