NOAA seeking public comments on listing the Nassau Grouper as threatened

The Nassau Grouper is an incredibly important species throughout the Caribbean culturally, economically, and ecologically. Unfortunately, their numbers have also declined dramatically throughout the Caribbean. The US Government is considering listing the Nassau Grouper as threatened under the Endangered Species Act and is looking for public comments. We have posted a lot of information about the Nassau Grouper in the past and you can check it out here. If you would like more information I encourage you to go here and here. You have until December 31, 2014 to let the US Government know what you think about listing the Nassau Grouper as threatened. You can find out how to provide comments here.

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Stephanie Archer
My interests broadly lie at the intersection of community and ecosystem ecology. Specifically I am interested in the roles animals play in altering nutrient availability in nearshore habitats and how abiotic conditions, and anthropogenic alteration of those conditions, alters the importance of animals’ roles. For my dissertation research I am looking at the importance of sponges in seagrass beds from the scale of a specific species interaction to the whole ecosystem.

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