Have you seen Red Mangrove leaves with lesions like this?

We have posted before about the die-off of mangroves in the Marls on Abaco (see here and here), and now we are wondering if there are mangrove die-off areas across The Bahamas. We are asking for your help in documenting any other mangrove die-offs in The Bahamas.

If you have noticed any mangroves with die-off, or with lesions on the leaves as shown in the photograph, we would appreciate any information you can provide. Ideally, a GPS coordinate of the area and a photograph documenting the die-off and/or lesions on the leaves would be greatly appreciated.

Any information can be posted below in a comment, or you can send an email to ryann.rossi@gmail.com with any pertinent information.

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Ryann Rossi
My general research interests lie in the ecology of marine coastal ecosystems. I am most interested in the role plant diseases have in shaping the ecology of coastal and estuarine environments. I am currently studying the role of a plant pathogen in a die-off of Red Mangroves in The Bahamas. Follow Ryann Rossi