A Quick Update on The Marls Mangrove Die-Off

Below are several photos depicting what we’ve found on our recent sampling trips to The Marls. The first two show an insect that we’ve seen several times now. We are still working on identifying it but for now we know it is similar to a scaly cricket. Whether or not this insect is responsible for the grazing that we’ve noted previously still remains to be determined. See the photos after the jump!

These next two photos depict what appears to be an infection on a Red Mangrove leaf. We do not know if this is a fungus or some sort of bacteria at this time, but we have observed patches similar to this throughout this particular die-off site. We have also noted that on just about every area of leaf that has been grazed, the leaf tends to appear burned, likely a sign of infection from fungi or bacteria. The density of these markings on leaves at this site is surprising and suggests that another biotic source, fungal or bacterial infection, could contribute to the die-off.

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