The cages are up in The Marls!

After several long days filled with the hot sun, thunderstorms and downpours, the cages are up in The Marls! A huge thank you to the folks at the Abaco Lodge for all of their assistance!

What are the cages for?

The idea behind this experiment is to investigate the interaction of two factors that may contribute to the die-off of dwarf red mangroves in The Marls: salinity and herbivory by insects. There are three treatments: cage, cage control, and control. Cages will exclude all herbivores, the cage control will check the effect of shading due to the cage, in addition to the effectiveness of the cage, and the control will have no cage. Blocks of these treatments were placed in a zone of live mangroves and in a zone of dead and live mangroves (boundary zone). The experiment will run for two months with weekly sampling and maintenance trips throughout its duration. We will post updates throughout the summer so stay tuned!

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