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From the Conserve Wildlife Foundation of NJ:

Nessie is a piping plover that was banded in Stone Harbor, New Jersey this past summer as part of a research project being conducted by the SUNY-College of Environmental Science and Forestry. She was last seen in NJ on July 2 after her nest failed. On September 29 she was resighted by researchers with The National Audubon Society while on an expedition in the Bahamas. Other banded piping plovers have been linked between their breeding grounds in the Northeast U.S. and Canada and wintering grounds in the Bahamas, but this was especially exciting news for us at CWFNJ. In November, CWFNJ’s Stephanie Egger and Todd Pover will be headed to Abaco in the Bahamas to begin a piping plover conservation initiative being funded by the Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund. Nessie was found in the remote Marls region of Abaco – as the first banded plover observed anywhere in Abaco, she now provides a direct link between our breeding piping plovers in NJ and our “sister” island in the Bahamas!

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