New Paper Archive Tool

We are updating our paper archiving tool to a new format.  See an example of
the search format here.  We will populate this over the next few weeks, with
the goal of having hundreds of scientific papers available to the general public –
all archived in a single searchable format.  We hope this facilitates students,
teachers, resource managers, and community members having direct access to
the extensive scientific research programs and products in The Bahamas.

Please let us know if you don’t see your papers included – we will get them up
as soon as we can!

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About the Author:

Craig Layman
My lab’s interdisciplinary pursuits provide for a multi-faceted understanding of environmental change in the coastal realm. We are ecologists, asking questions that span population, community, ecosystem and evolutionary sub-disciplines. We often use a food web based perspective, exploring top-down (e.g., predation) and bottom-up (e.g., nutrient excretion) mechanisms by which animals affect ecosystem processes. All of our efforts are framed within a broader outreach framework, directly integrating science and education, using approaches such as this website.