That is a Lot of Fish Pee

south reef















We have posted much here on the site about using artificial reefs to look
at the role of fish in providing limiting nutrients, through their excretion,
that fuel productivity of seagrasses (see links here).  The next step is
compare these sites to natural patch reefs, and see if the linkage also

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Lionfish Stomach of the Day

Lionfish full stomach















One hungry lionfish here!  And I was struck with how many lionfish I saw
at my usual study sites in the Bight of Old Robinson (Abaco) yesterday.  Numbers
seemed have been to be coming down over the last two years, but they were
very abundant yesterday.  I easily could have killed >100 in […]

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2013 Guide to Conferences, Workshops, Events and Training in Island Conservation

Thanks to Boris Fabres of Island Conservation for this great resource!

This Guide is the result of requests from individuals with diverse interests in conservation, living resources management, especially coastal areas and for updates on annual events in conservation, climate change, tourism, and professional capacity strengthening. It includes therefore a wide range of subjects.

Compiled by Boris Fabres
December 2012

This […]

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