Parrots nesting in Little Harbour?











In response to recent posts at Rolling Harbour and here, parrot expert Caroline
Stahala updates us.

Keith, you are right…not yet. Since parrots are being seen more frequently in certain parts of S. Abaco, my crew and I did some nesting surveys outside of the primary nesting area. We took some time and surveyed from Bahama Palm Shores north towards Little Harbour and Cherokee. No nesting. But Craig, you are right, they are becoming much more common in areas that had infrequent or uncommon sightings previously. But the actual range has not expanded considerably…still only in S. Abaco.

My dissertation is addressing some of the questions you guys are posing about why they are nesting only in S. Abaco. I think it is a behavioral issue…require others nesting nearby but I am also addressing the ecological (limestone holes and vegetation), and natal dispersal. Give me a bit more time and I may have some answers for you. Until then, Craig, keep collecting sighting data for me in Little Harbour!

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