Time lapse video from natural patch reefs

Here are a couple links (here and here) to some time lapse photography sequences from two natural patch reefs in the Sea of Abaco.

Just like in the artificial reef videos posted before, photos were taken every minute and the night shots were taken using infrared lighting to minimize effects on fish behavior.  In the first video, pay attention to the left side of the coral head, as this area is best illuminated by the infrared light. Again, the grunts that were are commonly observed during the day are not observed at night. Presumably they have left the reef to forage in the surrounding seagrass.  On the second reef, there are some cool predators captured in the photo sequence including a Nassau grouper, graysby, yellow stingray and lionfish.  Visible at night are the lionfish and what appears to be a snapper hanging around the top of the coral head.

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