A Transparent Future

When I interviewed for a faculty job at North Carolina State University, a professor asked me: “What is an unsolvable problem in science that you would like to solve?” That is the type question one can never prepare for! I have thought at length about this question, and I always come back to this answer: transparent, complete, and available flow of information […]

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The award for most valuable urinator goes to…

Another great paper from Jake’s lab at the University of Michigan. (Media account here and the actual paper here.) If only Jake could have fish pee on us to provide protection from the Coronavirus.

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What an Honor for Jake (and thanks to all on Abaco)

Dr. Jacob Allgeier has been awarded the prestigious Packard Fellowship. This is a tremendous honor. It is a testament to his hard work, as well as to all of the support he has received from numerous folks on Abaco. I am really excited to see what new research will emerge in the coming years from Jake’s lab. […]

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Encouraging Comments on Conch Conservation

Encouraging comments from Agriculture and Marine Resources Minister Michael Pintard following the recent study on a potential collapse in the conch fishery. I met Minister Pintard recently when a Bahamian delegation visited North Carolina, and he was especially interested in our creek restoration research (see here and here for instance) and the involvement of Bahamian students in […]

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Evolution of Beauty

Another interesting science article in the New York Times yesterday, exploring the evolution of beauty in animals. Want to know why those anoles running around The Bahamas have colorful throat “dewlaps”? This is the article to read.

(Photo from Graham Reynolds; some older posts about anoles here and here and here).


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Serenaders of the Seas

A cool article in the New York Times about the complexity, and the real purpose, of humpback whale song. Much of the article is based on this paper that suggests potential “cultural revolutions” in humpback whale songs (paper summary below).

Reports of humpbacks on Abaco (here and here). I actually was fortunate to take a swim with […]

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Will The Bahamas Have Conch in Twenty Years?

An excellent review paper on the status on the conch fishery in The Bahamas, based on research spanning more than 22 years. Much of this research associated with the organization Community Conch (www.communityconch.org). At the end of the paper find some specific management recommendations, and I include the Abstract below which provides a nice summary…

Broad-scale […]

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Feeding Island Dreams

Happy New Year. Back from the holidays, we hope to ramp up our posting again.

Here is a new review paper on the potential of “agritourism” in The Bahamas. The authors broadly define this as “Agritourism, also referred to as agro-tourism, farm tourism or farm-based tourism, has a host of definitions but can be understood as a form of tourism […]

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Rolling Harbour

We haven’t mentioned the Rolling Harbour website in some time.  If you are not familiar with it, it is a nice site for Bahamas natural history observations. Check it out – here is the latest.

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