NC State Applied Ecology

The Department of Applied Ecology integrates aspects of the broader fields of biology, ecology, genetics, toxicology, conservation and living resource management into a focused unit that employs novel approaches to confront local problems and global challenges. Our faculty engage in highly collaborative research, education, and extension efforts that offer direct, practical solutions to current challenges in environmental and human well-being. Learn more

Ecology & Evolution Seminar Series

Dr. Mark Urban

Improving the Forecast for Biodiversity in a Warming World

October 15 | 3:30p | 101 DCL

Dr. Gary Miller

2015 Burroughs Wellcome Distinguished Lecture
The Exposome: Opportunities for Toxicology

October 29 | 3:30p | 101 DCL

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Applied Ecology Research

The Department of Applied Ecology has a strong and diverse research portfolio. Faculty research programs work at the interface between basic and applied life sciences. Topics of interest vary widely as do the levels of analysis, ranging from the study of single species to populations, and entire ecosystems. We share a passion for understanding the living world and applying ecological principles to solving societal challenges.

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